Social responsibility and social betrayal

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Way back in 1991 communism collapsed in Russia and its satellites. The “market economy” had triumphed over the communist “command economy”.  Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” had won. 

Bonding Concept Could Offer Additional Choice for Graduates

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations has welcomed Labour Party leader Andrew Little's floating of the idea of bonding graduates to public sector jobs in exchange for support with reducing their student loans.

Halswell Residential College to become fully co-educational

Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced that Halswell Residential College in Christchurch will become fully co-educational from next year.

Since 2014, the boys’ school has been able to take up to five girls, or 40 percent of its roll. The school has a waiting list of female students whose families wish them to attend a co-educational school.

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There is no evidence for…

A colleague recently asked me about learning styles and whether 'kids who are one should be made to use others'. I chucked a tantrum.There is no evidence to support the interesting idea that we have d...

Supreme Court upholds Ministry position in case against Carter Holt Harvey

In 2013, the Ministry started legal proceedings, on behalf of schools, against Carter Holt Harvey and others, alleging the supply of defective building products. The Supreme Court has found in favour of the Ministry of Education.

Online Schools Out of Line Say Principals

Iain Taylor, President of the New Zealand Principals' Federation (NZPF) said he was gobsmacked to have yet another choice of school, 'Online Schools' turn up in the Education Act Update announcement.

'Online Schools were never mentioned in any of the documents prior to the call for submissions on the Update but suddenly, yesterday, here they are!' said an astonished Taylor.

NCEA pass rate increases - do they reflect genuine increase in learning?

Skyrocketing NCEA pass rates "clearly indicate" unrealistic grade inflation in New Zealand's schools, an international expert says.

Student surveys are destroying my confidence, says new academic

I’m a new academic and I keep being told that my lectures are boring. Is this really the best way to develop as a teacher?

UK universities take increasing battle for students into virtual world

In the past, a school pupil thinking of going to university would make a decision after attending an open day or two and a chat with a careers adviser.